CDC Group provides quality construction management services in South Florida and is experienced in all commercial market sectors.  Construction management services include:

  • Preconstruction Services
  • Permit Processing
  • All Contract Delivery Methods
  • Design Team selection /  Design-Build
  • Scheduling and Management of all Construction Operations


  • Manage the design and Construction process
  • Insure against potential design delays and costs
  • Total cost and schedule control
  • Project will be fit for intended use
  • State of the art design and construction issues mitigated and betterment of the project


Master planning is one of the critical steps to complete early in the life of the project to ensure success  Our team will perform a pro forma analysis through feasibility studies that includes costs, payback, and needs analysis to help determine if the project is viable.  Performing a site assessment study to determine existing conditions, utilities, traffic, street use, logistics, community impacts, hazardous materials, possible negative environmental impacts or any other site challenges that can either have specific cost impacts or negative project impact.


The objective of cost control is tracking to establish, maintain, and enhance project earnings.  This is performed by monitoring costs  regularly while evaluating and managing potential cost risks, such as project changes, site conditions, scope challenges, and other project related contingencies and unknowns.  CDC Group will establish the project baseline costs in coordination with the Owner.  As the project progresses, regular monitoring and reporting is performed related to the Contractor’s project costs, costs to complete, time to complete, manpower resource availability, and potential changes which are regularly evaluated against the project baseline to ensure that the project is on track.


CDC Group’s goal of Value Engineering is achieving design excellence and value for money. Our objectives are to improve quality, minimize total ownership costs, reduce construction time, and make the project easier to construct, insure safe operations, and achieve the budget goals established.  It should be considered as “adding value” to the project, not merely a means for lowering the costs.  CDC Group, having a good understanding of the entire project, shall spearhead the value engineering process coordinating the design professionals in their different areas of expertise.

  • Some of the benefits our team will implement include:
    • Better alternative designs, solutions or locations
    • Improved performance through efficiency savings
    • Better alternative construction methods
    • Enhanced service/product quality


Constructability review is a valuable service as it relates to quality control and construction defects.   Working closely with all design team members we will perform our review at each design phase before a substantial amount of the details are developed and proactively offer enhanced design concepts while mitigating the costs for redesign.  Our Constructability review process includes the study the construction documents, specifications review, understanding the program or design parameters as well as the Owner’s needs and concerns including the initial budget. This allows us to understand the make-up of the project, the critical items, the areas of concern, and possible value engineering issues.

  • The Constructability review process will result in these benefits:
    • Improved bidding and construction documents
    • Better buyout of the scope and enhanced quality control
    • Fewer Change Orders due to scope gaps, oversights, and errors
    • Less risk related to Construction Defects

Below is a summary of the management services and tools CDC group will provide for your project.  The key to a successful project starts with pre-planning and due diligence. Each project also comes with its unique challenges. CDC group's experience will establish early decision making processes proactively setting up protocols that are best suited to meet the needs of the unique project while utilizing big picture risk management tools to regularly monitor and address challenges early on ensuring the projects success.


Review project criteria, program, and concept design.  Make recommendations of any construction alternatives.

  • Design Coordination management: Concept through Closeout
  • Design Team Selection based on similar experience and expertise
  • Perform constructability reviews of plans and specifications
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Integration
  • Sustainability Practices & Enhancements


  • Manage Contract Risk Management
  • Legal Review
  • Regulatory/Code Requirements
  • Development and maintenance of Profit Plan


  • Value Engineering Alternatives
  • Constructability Review Analysis
  • Construction Operations Oversight
  • Project Cash Flow projection and analysis
  • Billing and Payment procedures


    • Effective management of the Procurement Process, timely deliverables
    • Reviewing the construction documents with the Project Executive to ensure understanding of the scope.
    • Identifying the project approach, risks, schedule, equipment selection, general conditions, costs, general requirement expenses, etc.
    • Project Risk Assessment
    • Master Plan Scheduling
    • Staff Analysis
    • We make sure that each project is properly managing the inherent risks of the project. The best way to mitigate risk is to plan for these issues in advance.


    • Cost Estimating & Budget Forecasting
    • Subcontractor Prequalification & Management
    • Risk Management
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Materials Selection
    • Building & Equipment systems Life Cycle Cost Control
    • Scope of work preparation and reviews
    • Purchasing and Procurement schedule


    • Project Master Planning/Schedule, which defines durations for all phases
    • Logistics and Staging Evaluation
    • Project Sequencing
    • Manpower Resource allocation
    • Early Materials Selection, Release & Delivery


    • 3RD Party Review
    • Pre-task Planning
    • On-Site Mock up Systems
    • Design Performance and Specifications tolerance adherence
    • Non-Conformance Quality Review


    • Project Commissioning and Closeout Scheduling
    • Documents, As-Builts, and Warranties Walkthrough & Turn over
    • Contract/Budget Reconciliation